Thursday, 27 May 2010

It's horrible at the Pavilions right now

Several months ago I wrote about how the programme changes from year to year, depending on trends, the economy and the like.  One of the areas I focussed on was how there would be less shows for children this year than last.  Thomas The Tank Engine is coming in October, which I have to say is a logistical feat to fill our stage with a set including several moving trains!
Our other main childrens show is with us right now.  It's Horrible Science, which is an educational TV programme for kids, as is Horrible Histories, a sister show, which I can reveal here will also be with us next February.
What's been really great about this show is the fact that I mention above, that it's educational, and full of key stage curriculum content.  However, it's delivered in a very entertaining way.  Because of this we've been able to encourage local schools to organise daytime trips to see the show, and on it's first day today, over 1300 schoolchildren had a fun day out just ahead of half term, and learnt about science without even realising it.  It's here until Saturday, and as far as I'm aware, includes the first ever 3D show in the Pavilions!