Friday, 27 August 2010

It's almost silly season!

Hi again.


Well this is my first post in almost 2 months, and the reason for that is that July and August are very quiet times both on stage and behind the scenes at entertainment arenas such as ours.  There are 2 main reasons for this.  The first is the fact that we British tend to plan and measure our “summer” around the 6 weeks of the school holidays.  This means that lots of us go away at the same time, and although this helps traditional tourist attractions (like our leisure facilities, for example), it makes the job of selling tickets to a show in that period much harder than it otherwise would.  For that reason, very few acts go out and tour across the summer.


So what do they do instead?  Well that’s the second reason, Festivals.  These have exploded in numbers and scale over the last decade, and every summer weekend has at least one major festival.  Each of these will have many stages, so that everyone from breakthrough acts to the international superstars can be accommodated.


You may wonder therefore what we have been doing for the last 2 months.  Well, pretty much the same.  A lot of our arena related staff – and that’s everyone from Box Office to Technical to Catering to – also make the most of the opportunity of the quiet time, and have good long summer breaks.  But the other thing we do, particularly me in my role, is stay on top of who’s going down well at the festivals.  The show Promoters are doing this as well, scanning for the act that’s suddenly going down a storm, and might be ready for a UK tour.


I’m pleased to say that the phone has been red hot this week, and lots of deals have been done.  We’ve got some great shows to bring you over the next 6 months.  Most of them will be featured in our new season brochure which is at the printers and will be out in a couple of weeks (our Marketing team don’t get a quiet summer!), but there have also been some great last minute signings too, and you’ll start to hear about some of the biggies next week.


Here we go again…